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Custom Leather Preservation Cases



We have many diferent styles of leather preservation cases ranging from a

simple 1/4 leather case to very ornate full leather design cases. All cases are

custom made to fit the volume it will house. The items shown are all clamshell

cases. Leather slipcases are also an option.

1/4 leather Clamshell Cases

1/4 leather with marbled paper on boards to house pamphlets by C.H. Spurgeon.

Full Leather Clamshell Cases

This full leather extra gilt clamshell was executed to mimic the binding of the book

being housed inside as shown in the photo on the right.





Pictorial Clamshell Cases

Four full leather clamshell cases bound in niger goat with onlays mimicing the original cover of the books enclosed.





Clamshell case executed in yellow niger goat with red niger goat onlays to duplicate the cover of the

first edition volume housed within. The castle on the spine is an onlay of black niger goat.



1/4 black niger goat clamshell case built to house Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy.



Elements were taken from each dust jacket to develop the design which was executed using niger goat onlays and 22K Gold.



Full niger goat clamshell case built to house first edition "Frankenstien"


The cover design and castle were executed using black and yellow niger goat onlays.




This 1/4 black niger goat clamshell was built to house a first edition set of "The Lord of the Rings"


The design was executed using multicolored niger goat onlays.



This full niger goat clamshell was built to house a First American Edition of "The Raven"



The skull was executed using undyed calfskin onlays. The remainder of the designs were executed using niger goat onlays.

Specialty Clamshell Cases




This set of full calf clamshell cases were built to house a collection of signed first editions written by all of the greats of golf.


The cover designs and spine elements were specially cut tools produced for this set.




This clamshell case, which was bound inside and out in full navy niger goat, was specially designed to house the pocket watch of the famous preacher John Wesley. It also contains a pocket on the opposing side to house the documentaion and provenance of the watch.


The spine decoration is 22K Gold.