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Design Bindings

Extra Gilt Bindings

Pictorial Onlay bindings



This first edition of Casino Royale Was Bound in full black niger goat.


The roulette wheel on the cover was executed using multiple onlays of niger goat

and metallic finished pig skin. 


The frame is 22K gold.



First American Edition of Alice in Wonderland bound in full crimson niger goat.


The image on the cover is a replication of one of the book's illustration executed with 32 separate onlays of niger goat.


The spine tooling is 22K Gold.




First Edition Christopher Robin Storybook  signed by both Milne and Shephard bound in full navy niger goat.


Pictorial cover and titling executed using onlays of niger goat.


Complimented with 22K gold tooling.




La Toison D'Or bound in full russet niger goat.


The Centaur and cover title were executed in black niger goat 

by cutting the details and allowing the base leather to show through.


The spine is blind tooled with gilt titling.


The Book of the Pearl is bound in full blue niger goat


The cameo and frame were executed using black and maroon niger goat.

Although hard to see in the photo, the oval containing the silouette is recessed into the board.


The necklace on the sillouette is made of genuine seed pearls


The spine design is executed in 22K gold with a pearl in the center and at each point of the design.



This Edition of Indian Fairy Tales was bound in full red niger goat.


There are onlays of navy, forest green and camel niger goat on the boards.


The total carat wait of semi precious gems in this design is 104 carats.


The gem stones used include: Lapis, Aperdite, Amethyst, Citrine, Tourmaline, Garnet, Vassonite and Peridot.


The tooling is 22K gold.